Daun Bak

Daun Bak (1991, South Korea) has researched and materialised art projects in terms of the impact of media and the digital environment on the human mind, behaviour and condition. She aims for catching glimpses of increasingly complex phenomena in between material and immaterial things and encodes them into the realm of the legible and visible.
She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications Design from the Dankook University in Yongin, South Korea and she currently studies master's degree in New Media at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) in Germany.  

Scenery Between-Windows 3
Face Value
Scenery Between-Windows 2
Scenery Between-Windows 1
Unstable Mask
Buddha of Capitalism
Waste Does Not Communicate
Skipping Hierarchy
The Self Captured in Absolute Black


Scenery Between-Windows 3 (窓-間의 풍경 3)

Queen Elizabeth II's portrait has appeared on the currencies of numerous countries more than that of any other individual. The faces of great individuals have been carefully chosen and graced their currencies as a tradition and in the interest of enhancing international reputation and relations.

On the other hand, as they are becoming more attuned to the online sharing and exchange platforms, users provide, share and replicate their own portraits. Their engagements of much broader populations function as super extenders for the advancement of computing sectors based on large sums of data sets.

What is called 'latent space' gives great insight into the correlations and patterns between different groups. Overlapped with the portrait on the window of the banknote, one can see its vision as a trained result by a group of faces of banknotes and a group of faces of users.

Were users more empowered and greater? Or did they eventually become a capital itself?

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Luiz Zanotello

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