Dawoon Park(1991, KR) has researched and materialised media art projects in the interest of postphenomenology, transhumanism and posthumanism. She aims for catching glimpses of increasingly complex phenomena in between material and immaterial domains and encodes them into the realm of the legible and visible. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications Design from the Dankook University(KR) and currently studies a Master of Arts in New Media at the Berlin University of the Arts(DE).


Dot, Line and Face (upcoming)
Forever Young 2 (upcoming)
Forever Young 1 (upcoming)
Spirit of Kitchen 
Scenery Between-Windows 3
Face Value

Scenery Between-Windows 2
Scenery Between-Windows 1
Unstable Mask
Buddha of Capitalism
Waste Does Not Communicate
Skipping Hierarchy
The Self Captured in Absolute Black


Scenery Between-Windows 2 (窓-間의 풍경 2)

The Window is used as a metaphor for the spatial imagery in cyberspace in that a user can jump from one page to the next. —The window originally as an architectural element physically separates and connects the outside and the inside.
The movie starts with showing the window of the artist's residence in Berlin in which self-isolation was underway in the time of Covid-19 and subsequently travels between(間) Windows(窓) in doing performative manipulations in web conferencing systems such as BigBlueButton and FaceTime.
The poem cited by a text-to-speech technology in the course of the movie has been reinterpreted by using a Window motif in order to reveal the conditions of the lives of users in cyberspace. —The original, 'Mirror' by Yi Sang, as an avant-garde poem, experimented separation from inside one's self as well as the outer world as a modern humans mentality.

BigBlueButton, FaceTime, Spark AR