Dawoon Park(1991, KR) has researched and materialised media art projects in the interest of postphenomenology, transhumanism and posthumanism. She aims for catching glimpses of increasingly complex phenomena in between material and immaterial domains and encodes them into the realm of the legible and visible. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications Design from the Dankook University(KR) and currently studies a Master of Arts in New Media at the Berlin University of the Arts(DE).


Dot, Line and Face (upcoming)
Forever Young 2 (upcoming)
Forever Young 1 (upcoming)
Spirit of Kitchen 
Scenery Between-Windows 3
Face Value

Scenery Between-Windows 2
Scenery Between-Windows 1
Unstable Mask
Buddha of Capitalism
Waste Does Not Communicate
Skipping Hierarchy
The Self Captured in Absolute Black


Buddha of Capitalism

The waves in the water bowl are connected to one of the largest American stock market indexes. If the market moves, the water starts moving. If the trading stops, the water stands still.
In Buddhist meditation, the calm sea is like a calm mind. When the sea is calm one can see through it, but in its rough state, nothing on the surface can be seen. The Mantra of Light is placed at the highest point in the house in the sense that the Buddha's teaching illuminates all living things and used as a means to measure water's clearness by mirroring it on the surface of it in case of Baru Gongyang, a formal monastic meal in Korean Buddhism.
Can the waves mirror the Buddha's teachings above it? Can we reach nirvana under capitalism?

Nasdaq Composite, SuperCollider, transducer, amplifier, metal bowl, water, Mantra of Light